Report: Mueller’s Russia Probe Expected to Run Through 2018

Members of special counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation say they expect the probe to last through much of 2018, despite President Trump’s insistence that the end is right around the corner, The Washington Post reports. Administration officials and aides close to Trump say they fear tensions will flare up between the White House and Mueller after a meeting this week in which Trump’s lawyers are expected push for the president to be exonerated from any collusion claims, according to the report. While Trump has been reassuring members of his inner circle that he will soon be cleared of Russian interference allegations, sources familiar with the investigation say it is nowhere near finished. A source familiar with private conversations within the White House described Trump as “arrogant” and “living in his own world” when it comes to the Russia probe, saying he brushed off pleas from two aides asking him to take the matter more seriously.