Report: Roger Ailes Gave Advice to Trump During Primary

Recently deposed Fox News chief Roger Ailes reportedly began offering campaign advice to Donald Trump as early as June 2015. According to CNN, Ailes “started advising Trump at a private lunch just days before the launch of his campaign, and regularly offered him advice over the course of the primaries, sources familiar with the discussions said.” Their conversations were largely conducted over the phone, the report added, but they met several times at Fox News headquarters. “Even when Ailes and Trump appeared to be at war over Trump's treatment of Megyn Kelly, the two men kept the conversation going,” the report claimed. And since Ailes resigned from Fox amid mounting accusations of sexual harassment, he has reportedly been assisting the Republican nominee with debate preparations. “Ailes has attended at least two of Trump's Sunday debate prep sessions in person, sources said, and talks with Trump by phone multiple times a week,” CNN wrote.