Report: Scalia’s Last Hours Spent With Secretive Hunting Frat

Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia reportedly spent his last hours with members of an exclusive and secretive hunting fraternity. The jurist died at Cibolo Creek Ranch in Texas after spending time with members of the International Order of St. Hubertus, a society that allegedly dates back to the 1600s and hosted several leaders at the ranch. Members of the male-only group hold titles like Grand Master and Prior and reportedly wear green robes with a large cross and the Latin words “Deum Diligite Animalia Diligentes,” meaning “Honoring God by honoring His creatures.” Both the ranch’s owner, John Poindexter, and C. Allen Foster, a lawyer who flew to the ranch with Scalia in a private plane, hold leadership positions within the order. Two other private planes that arrived that weekend were linked to men who also have held positions with the group. Poindexter said he wasn’t aware of a connection between Scalia and the society and that he met the jurist through a D.C.-based “sports group.” The U.S. division of the order reportedly lists a suite in Washington as its headquarters, but the address is just a mailbox in a UPS store, The Washington Post reported.