Report: South Korea Calls Kim Jong Nam Killing ‘State Terror’

South Korean intelligence agencies reportedly believe that the killing of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un’s half brother at the Kuala Lumpur airport was state-sponsored terrorism carried out by North Korea. NBC News, citing a lawmaker with knowledge of intelligence, reports that the suspects sought in the killing of Kim Jong Nam work for the North Korean government. “Our National Intelligence Service told me that North Korea’s General Bureau of Espionage was responsible for the terrorism and the assassination of Kim Jong Nam but what Malaysian authorities discovered is that it was North Korea’s National Security Agency that took the lead,” said Lee Cheol Woo, the chairman of the South Korea legislature’s intelligence committee. Kim Jong Nam died on Feb. 13 shortly after two women ran up to him and rubbed the banned nerve agent VX on his face. Mayalsian officials said he died within 20 minutes. The women reportedly believed they were taking part in a television prank, and one said she was paid $90 for carrying it out.