Report: ‘The Matrix’ Reboot in the Works

Warner Bros. has reportedly started work on a relaunch of the 1999 cult film The Matrix. The Hollywood Reporter cited sources close to the matter Tuesday saying the project was in its early stages, though very few details have been revealed. Zak Penn, the writer behind the Syfy network’s Alphas and a writer for the X-Men franchise, is said to be in talks to write the screenplay’s first draft. The Wachowskis—the minds behind the original film and its two sequels–are not involved in the project. Similarly, Joel Silver, the producer of the original film, will not play a major role, though he did reportedly pitch the idea of creating a new film out of the original. Silver sold his interest in the series to Warners in 2012, however. Actor Michael B. Jordan of Fantastic Four fame is being considered for the starring role, according to the report. No timeframe has been given for when fans might expect to see the reboot.