Report: Top Pentagon Aide Used Government Credit Card at Strip Clubs

An investigation by the Pentagon has reportedly determined that Maj. Gen. Ron Lewis, a former senior aide to Defense Secretary Ash Carter, used his government credit card at strip clubs and had “improper interactions” with women throughout his tenure. The Associated Press reports an inspector general investigation found Lewis even lied to a bank to get charges removed from his government-issued credit card. Lewis was fired about a year ago from his post as Carter’s top aide. Lewis, who claims the Pentagon probe didn’t “find the truth,” does admits to some inappropriate activity, including an incident in which he charged $1,800 to a government credit card at a “dance club” in Rome. He had allegedly tried and failed to use his own personal card and then had to return to the hotel with a club employee, wake up another staff member at the Department of Defense, and pay the bill with that colleague’s government credit card. Lewis said he later paid back those charges.