Report: Trump Dismissed Congressional Black Caucus at Immigration Meeting

President Trump reportedly was dismissive of more than Haiti and African nations at his contentious immigration meeting last week, with sources cited by The Washington Post now saying he rudely cut down the Congressional Black Caucus as well. Citing several White House officials, congressional aides, and lawmakers, the report says Trump behaved erratically and combatively at the meeting last Thursday, initially welcoming a bipartisan immigration pact only to unexpectedly complain about “shithole countries” and say he doesn’t care about the demands of the Congressional Black Caucus. Sen. Dick Durbin (D-IL) had suggested that members of that caucus would be more open to a much-needed deal if certain countries were included in the plan’s proposed protections, according to the report. Trump, who recently declared himself “not a racist” and denied making the “shithole countries” comment, reportedly responded by saying he did not care about that group’s demands and would not cater to them in making immigration policies.