Report: Trump Family Separation Order Led To Chaotic Scrambling Among Agencies

President Donald Trump's executive order to end child separations at the United States-Mexico border led to a great deal of confusion between agencies in the federal government, according to a report from The Washington Post. Initially, the report contends, President Trump wanted to sign an immigration bill as part of the specific executive order but was told that would not be feasible. On Thursday, which was the first day the order could be enforced, there was a degree of confusion as to how to properly implement it. Customs and Border Protection officials, the report reads, initially thought the order meant that they were not supposed to refer cases of adults illegally entering the country with children to the Justice Department for prosecution. That allegedly led to dozens of people being removed from courthouses without charges filed against them. Meanwhile the Justice Department thought the order meant that parents were to be held with their children long enough to resolve their cases.