Report: USA Gymnastics Provided Cover Stories for Nassar

USA Gymnastics officials agreed to provide cover stories explaining Larry Nassar’s absences from events—instead of telling parents and gymnasts that the team physician’s medical techniques were under investigation, according to emails obtained by The Indianapolis Star. The emails show that Nassar and a USA Gymnastics lawyer discussed cover stories for two separate events before the 2016 Olympics. “Can we just say that i am sick? That would make more sense to everyone. Would that be ok?” Nassar asked attorney Scott Himsel in one of the emails. Himsel agreed to have USA Gymnastics use the story, according to the report. In another email, Nassar told Himsel: “I stayed with the story of that I am nauseated, not feeling well and staying home.” In January, Nassar was sentenced to at least 40 years behind bars on seven counts of first-degree criminal sexual conduct.