Report: Weinstein Used Legal Agreements to Hide Assault Allegations For Decades

Harvey Weinstein hid decades of accusations of sexual harassment and assault by pressuring women to sign nondisclosure agreements, the New Yorker reported on Tuesday. In one case, Weinstein gave Filipina-Italian model Ambra Battilana Gutierrez a million dollar payout in exchange for her silence regarding an incident where he had allegedly groped her. “I didn’t even understand almost what I was doing with all those papers,” she said. “I was really disoriented. My English was very bad. All of the words in that agreement were super difficult to understand. ...I thought I needed to support my mom and brother and how my life was being destroyed, and I did it. The moment I did it, I really felt it was wrong.” Weinstein concealed some of the payments by having the funds come from Bob Weinstein, his brother and the co-founder of Miramax. Bob Weinstein has said he was unaware of any sexual harassment and that his brother misled him about why he needed the money.