Report: Zuckerberg Hacked Emails

Long before Facebook was the international phenomenon it is today, founder Mark Zuckerberg was plotting to delay the launch of a competing project he was hired to help, according to Business Insider. And in 2004, when Zuckerberg was a Harvard sophomore trying to launch TheFacebook.com, the college's newspaper was close to writing a story that aired the grievances of the competing site. Zuckerberg was rattled enough to use his fledgling site to find the personal passwords of the paper’s reporters and editors and log into their email accounts, according to Business Insider. This isn’t the first time that he has been accused of less than sterling behavior, especially during Facebook’s youth. The company is refusing to discuss the claims. "We’re not going to debate the disgruntled litigants and anonymous sources who seek to rewrite Facebook’s early history or embarrass Mark Zuckerberg with dated allegations,” a spokesperson said.