Changing It Up

Rick Owens Brings Steppers To Paris

In a sharp departure from other runway shows, designer Rick Owens brought a step team onto his Paris runway.

In a provocative move, designer Rick Owens sent a step team down the runway instead of regular models at his show in Paris on Thursday. The dancers (who were recruited from step teams at American college campuses) rushed out in rows, wearing mean expressions and even meaner clothes, such as black leather coats with silver zippers and heavy sneakers. There was plain material draped around the dancers's bodies in sporty-looks, and tunic-style warrior outfits.

Nun-like habits came down the runway on the dancers -- who came in all shapes and sizes, a refreshing departure from the sea of models seen on runways this week. What better way to react to the recent criticism about lack of diversity on the runway? Rick Owens's show was a celebration of real women.

Here, reactions from the fashion crowd: