Hoedown Throwdown

Rihanna We Found Love Video Shoot Shut Down by Irish Farmer Alan Graham

Many people would be thrilled to have Rihanna shooting a music video outside their window. But 61-year-old Irish farmer Alan Graham was not so pleased to see the scantily clad songstress shooting the video for her latest single, “We Found Love,” in his barley field. Rihanna’s bandana bikini was too much for the devout Christian, who pulled up in his tractor and “politely asked the filming to stop.” Graham said he initially agreed to let the crew film in one of his fields, unaware of what they’d be taping. “I realized things had got to a stage which were not acceptable to me,” he told The Telegraph. “Things became inappropriate.” Graham said he hadn’t heard of Rihanna until someone called asking to use his property. “Someone explained she was as big as it gets as far as pop stars were concerned. I am a bit illiterate about those issues,” he admitted. Graham added that he hasn’t received payment yet from Rihanna’s team, but says he spoke to the pop star personally when he approached and claims their conversation ended on good terms.