Roger Stone and WikiLeaks Directly Messaged During Election

WikiLeaks has repeatedly denied having contact with Roger Stone, and Stone has testified under oath that he had communicated to WikiLeaks through an intermediary; but Twitter direct messages obtained by The Atlantic now indicate that Stone was in direct contact with the outlet’s Twitter account in October 2016. The correspondence also shows Wikileaks sought to continue communications with Stone after the 2016 election. The messages, which were provided to the House Intelligence Committee last year but have not been previously reported, show that the Trump confidant and WikiLeaks were feuding about the organization “attacking” Stone. The organization said that “false claims of association are being used by the democrats to undermine the impact of our publications. Don’t go there if you don’t want us to correct you," to which Stone replied that WikiLeaks had leakers and it needed to “figure out who [its] friends are.” One day after the election, the organization said, “Happy? We are now more free to communicate.” It is not clear if Stone and the organization continued communications after the election.