Roger Stone Launches ‘Family Support Fund’ to Cover ‘Living Expenses’

President Trump’s longtime political ally Roger Stone has launched a “Family Support Fund” that allows his supporters to donate to him and his wife to cover their “rent, food, medical expenses, insurance, gasoline, and the most basic of living expenses.” The political figure, a subject of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into Russian election interference, currently faces charges including obstruction, witness-tampering, and false statements. “I can assure you that every penny is dedicated strictly to our basic no frills living expenses as we face the greatest challenge of our lives and at the same time prepare for my trial,” Stone wrote on the “Stone Family Support Fund” website—which encourages visitors to donate $25 to the “maximum” amount of $15,000. The site also features the ability to make monthly recurring donations. Stone has previously lamented his financial situation, claiming Alex Jones should donate “25 large” to his legal defense fund.