Rohingya Witness: ‘They Threw My Baby Into a Fire’

A new report in The New York Times details the horrific atrocities being allegedly committed upon Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar, where at least 1,000 civilians and up to 5,000 may have been killed in the area. Witnesses told the Times that they witnessed soldiers stabbing babies, gang-raping girls, shooting grenades into homes, and cutting off boys' heads. A woman named Rajuma, who is now in a refugee camp in Bangladesh, told a reporter that soldiers tore her screaming baby out of her arms and threw him into a blaze before dragging her into a home and gang-raping her. Rajuma’s story was reportedly corroborated by dozens of other survivors from her village. Peter Bouckaert, an investigator with Human Rights Watch, told the Times that there is new evidence that the government has committed organized massacres.