Romney: ‘I Am a Son of Detroit’

“I am a son of Detroit,” writes Mitt Romney in The Detroit News Tuesday. “I grew up drinking Vernors and watching ballgames at Michigan & Trumbull. Cars got in my bones early. And not just any cars, American cars.” The onetime Republican presidential frontrunner is now trying to convince Michigan voters that he is one of them—as recent polls have shown competitor Rick Santorum leading in his home state. Romney won the most recent caucus over the weekend in Maine, but a victory in the Midwestern state on Feb. 28 is anything but a lock. Romney appeals to the loyalties of the Motor City—evoking memories of Henry Ford, Walter Chrysler, and the Dodge Brothers. “Their dream is alive in all of us who have ever called Detroit a home,” he writes. “And with a Detroiter in the White House, that dream can be realized once again.”