Romney Spooked by Gingrich Surge

Unlike the Herman Cain or Rick Perry surges, Newt Gingrich's appears to have Mitt Romney worried. The presumptive nominee—increasingly trailing in Iowa—gave several signs that he's rebooting his campaign to combat his new rival. He told reporters he'd be stepping up his media appearances and interviews in the coming weeks, and that attacks on Gingrich are only a matter of time. “We’re going to make sure that the differences in our experience and our perspective and our views on issues are well aired and people can make a choice,” he said. “You can be sure I will not be quiet.” Romney's supporters are also pushing for more targeted attacks on Gingrich. “They know he has to hit Newt,” a campaign insider tells Politico. “The campaign thought somebody else would have done it by now. They’re now of the view that none of the others will do it or none of the others are effective at doing it, so he’s going to have to do it.”