So Relatable

Romney’s Friends Own Football Teams

Mitt Romney might say “y’all” and claim to eat grits and hang out with “redneck” Jeff Foxworthy now that he’s campaigning in the South, but try as he might to seem like an average Joe, the presidential hopeful just can’t help but remind people that he is unrelatably wealthy. One would hope he’d learned his lesson after getting heat for telling Daytona 500 fans he doesn’t care for NASCAR but has friends who own NASCAR teams. Yet, when questioned by a radio show host about Peyton Manning’s career Monday, Romney felt the need to offer up the fact that some of his friends own football teams. “I got a lot of good friends—the owner of the Miami Dolphins and the New York Jets, both owners are friends of mine,” he said. Jets owner Woody Johnson is a major Republican Party donor, and Stephen Ross, owner of the Dolphins, has fundraised for Romney.