‘Roseanne’ Co-Showrunner Whitney Cummings Leaves Reboot

Whitney Cummings, a co-showrunner of the Roseanne reboot, has announced she’ll leave the hit sitcom behind. “Working on Roseanne was a surreal, incredible experience,” she said Friday in a social media post, according to The Hollywood Reporter. “Due to work commitments and my tour schedule, I'm gonna have to watch the Conners from the sidelines next season. It was an honor to work with such an incredibly talented group of actors, writers and crew. Harvey Levin, you can stop calling my cell phone now.” Bruce Helford, who will now be the program’s only showrunner, said new voices are being added to the writer’s room. “I'm excited because there are a lot of new voices and because I believe we've got the best of the voices who have been part of it continuing,” he said.