Rosie to Return to Daytime TV?

Look out, Elisabeth Hasselbeck: According to The New York Times, Rosie O’Donnell is quietly working to come back to daytime TV, working with two former Warner Brothers syndication executives. The trio has formed a company and plans to independently distribute a talk show in 2011, and is looking for both a daytime syndication deal and a cable deal. One of the executives helped put The Rosie O’Donnell Show into syndication in 1996, and the popular talk show earned O’Donnell a reputation of being the “Queen of Nice.” (Her time on The View diminished that reputation somewhat.) She may have seen an opening with Oprah Winfrey’s announcement that she would say goodbye to her show next year, sending local stations scrambling to shore up their daytime schedules. O’Donnell, who has been off the air for several years, “wants to be her own boss,” the Times reports.