Roy Moore Denies Ever Engaging in ‘Sexual Misconduct’

Alabama’s Republican Senate candidate Roy Moore responded to the allegations of child molestation against him on Friday with a statement that went beyond the simple denial his campaign issued a day earlier. “It seems that in the political arena, to say that something is not true is simply not good enough,” Moore wrote in his new statement. “So let me be clear. I have never provided alcohol to minors, and I have never engaged in sexual misconduct.  As a father of a daughter and a grandfather of five granddaughters, I condemn the actions of any man who engages in sexual misconduct not just against minors but against any woman.” He said he did not understand why someone would use “such a dangerous lie to try to personally destroy someone,” adding, “As a former Judge and administer of the law, I take the protection of our innocent as one of my most sacred callings. False allegations are gravely serious and will have a profound consequence on those who are truly harassed or molested.”