Royal Wedding Rumors: Wedding Plans, Pre-nup, Honeymoon and More

Are Will and Kate getting a pre-nup? Will the ceremony actually damage Britain’s economy? And who in the world is designing that dress? Harry Cole separates fact from fiction.

With less than three weeks until the big day, royal wedding hysteria has reached a tipping point, and all sorts of rumors are emerging from the tiniest scraps of information. One that can instantly be debunked: Short of flying to the middle of a desert or hiking up a mountain, there will be very little way to escape this global event.

Here, we try to cut through the fluff and dispel a few of the myths flying around the plans and the players.

Gallery: Royal Wedding Rumors Exposed

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Harry Cole is a British journalist. Based in Westminster, he is the news editor of, the U.K.'s most read political blog. In 2009, Harry co-founded the Sunlight Centre for Open Politics, which campaigns for transparency and openness in the political system.