Rudy Giuliani Suggests There Were Other Payments Like Stormy Daniels’

Hours after his explosive revelation on Hannity Thursday night, Donald Trump’s legal aide Rudy Giuliani suggested to a reporter that other payments, similar to the one given to Stormy Daniels, were dished out by attorney Michael Cohen during the presidential campaign and later repaid from Trump’s personal funds. Giuliani, who’s been revealing more and more about the Daniels payment in a series of media interviews in the past 24 hours, told The Washington Post early Friday morning there were “a few other situations” during the campaign that led to repayments to Cohen from Trump’s personal funds, similar to the Daniels payment for her silence over an alleged affair with Trump. Asked when the repayments to Cohen after the Daniels deal were made, Giuliani replied: “Well, the original payment from Cohen was sometime right before the election. The repayments took place over a period of time, probably in 2017, probably all paid back by the end of 2017. That and probably a few other situations that might have been considered campaign expenses.”