Russian Athlete Suspected of Doping at Winter Olympics

A Russian athlete taking part in the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics is suspected of doping, Russian news agencies reported Sunday. The International Olympic Committee has reportedly notified the Russian delegation of a possible doping violation by one of about 160 athletes allowed to participate in the games. The news comes after an IOC investigation into the 2014 Sochi games uncovered “systemic” doping by Russia, prompting an international scandal and a ban on Russian athletes in Pyeongchang. Dozens of its athletes with no previous doping violations were still allowed to compete as independent athletes, without a Russian flag or national anthem. A source cited by Reuters on Sunday identified the athlete under suspicion as Alexander Krushelnitsky, a bronze-medalist in curling, though Russian officials have declined to confirm that report. The Russian delegation said they will not provide details on the athlete and his or her respective sport until after they’ve received lab results confirming whether banned substances were used.