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Ryan Gosling’s Mom Borrows Eva Mendes’s Clothes, Beck Stars in Ads for Saint Laurent

Eva Mendes Lets Gosling’s Mom Borrow Her Clothes: As much as you may hate Eva Mendes for dating Ryan Gosling, you can’t knock the girl for being really nice. The bombshell actress wasn’t able to accompany her boyfriend to his Hollywood Gangster Squad premiere on Monday, so instead allowed Gosling’s replacement date—his mom—to dip into her wardrobe for the occasion. “I’m wearing Eva Mendes. She let me raid her closet.” Donna Gosling told reporters on the red carpet. Ryan confirmed, “My mother’s wearing all my girlfriend’s clothes.” [Us Weekly]

Beck for Saint Laurent: Indie crooner Beck is the latest poster boy to star in Hedi Slimane’s debut ads for Saint Laurent. In the campaign, the 90s campus radio fixture dons one of Slimane’s oversized fedora hats and 70s-inspired (Rolling Stone-worthy) spring designs. [The Cut]

Chanel Headed to Texas: Chanel’s headed down south! At yesterday’s WWD CEO Summit Karl Lagerfeld opened up about his love for Texas and Dallas-bred retailer Neiman Marcus, revealing that he’d like to hold an upcoming Chanel fashion show in the Texan city. “When Chanel reopened, the French press was beyond nasty. The only press that understood it immediately was the American press,” Lagerfeld explained, “So I think it’s a nice thing to go there.” Chanel’s previously held their resort and pre-fall shows in larger-than-life locations like a Scottish castle and Versailles. This time, Lagerfeld’s looking for something completely different, “I love Texas, I love Texans,” he said of the state. [Fashionista]

PPR/ Christopher Kane Deal Still In Works: It seems that PPR is one step closer to sealing their investment in upstart English designer Christopher Kane. WWD is reporting that the conglomerate is meeting with possible CEOs to helm Kane’s brand—a position that’s currently occupied by his sister Tammy. [WWD]

Missoni Aircraft Troubled Before: New news in the missing Missoni air craft: The particular BN Islander plane that went missing just after New Year’s, holding Missoni CEO Vittorio Missoni, his partner, and four other passengers, is the third oldest Islander in circulation and has previously encountered technical problems—even catching fire in 1982 when being taxied for takeoff, reports the NY Post. Of the 1200 Islanders that have been built over time, some 259 have been “lost as a result of accidents.” [NY Post]