Sam Clovis Withdraws Nomination for Agriculture Chief Scientist Position

Sam Clovis, a former Trump campaign official, has withdrawn his nomination for the Department of Agriculture’s chief scientist, the AP reported Thursday. Clovis was reportedly questioned last week by special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigators and testified before its federal grand jury. Recently unsealed court documents reveal that Clovis was the campaign supervisor described as the recipient of emails George Papadopoulos sent discussing his interactions with Russians who wanted to arrange a meeting with Trump. Clovis reportedly responded “Great work” to Papadopoulos’s emails. The chief scientist position had traditionally been held by people with advanced degrees in science or medicine. Clovis, who currently serves as the department’s senior White House adviser, confirmed in an Oct. 17 letter to Michigan Senator Debbie Stabenow that he has no academic credentials or specialized training in science or agriculture.