San Francisco Police Raid Journalist’s Home Over Leaked Court Documents

San Francisco police on Friday raided the home of freelance video journalist Bryan Carmody after he allegedly leaked a police report of the mysterious death of Public Defender Jaff Adachi, according to the San Franciso Chronicle. Adachi, 59, collapsed at an apartment belonging to a mysterious woman on February 22 and later died of a mixture of cocaine and alcohol. Carmody is accused of leaking the police report to three Bay area TV stations, according to the search warrant. All of his computers, mobile phones and electronic devices were seized. “I don’t think it was right to break my door down,” he said Friday. “I’m one of the original independent media companies in San Francisco. This is outrageous.” Carmody said police had previously “politely asked” for his source for the police report. When he declined, they banged down his door.