San Francisco Woman Killed After Witnessing Attack, Following Alleged Assailant

A former addict and professional ballet dancer was reportedly killed in San Francisco this week after intervening when she saw a man beating a woman on the street, marking the city’s first murder in 2019. According to SFGate, Veronica Soliz was all packed up and ready to move out of her residence in San Francisco’s Tenderloin in order to go live with her family in Florida. On Wednesday morning, however, she reportedly walked outside her apartment and saw a man beating a woman on the sidewalk. Soliz called 911 and began following the man and recording him on her cell phone. The website reports the man then stabbed her in the head, and she reportedly died soon after being taken to San Francisco General Hospital. Arthur Finch, 49, was later charged with “murder, attempted murder, three counts of assault with a deadly weapon, domestic violence” and other charges. Soliz’s ex-husband, Jack Schwindler, told SFGate that her murder was “so bizarre.” “She was packed and ready to go and change her life, and she ran into this,” Schwindler said.