Sanders: ‘I’m Responding to Attacks’

Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders defended his remarks that rival Hillary Clinton is unqualified for the White House on Thursday. In a CBS News interview with Charlie Rose, Sanders said the recent spat was in response to her attacks on him. “All I am saying is that if people are going to attack us, if they’re going to distort our record as has been the case time and time again, we’re going to respond,” Sanders said. “I’m responding to attacks being made against me.” When Rose pressed Sanders on whether she’s actually unqualified for the presidency, Sanders responded, “Well, does Secretary Clinton believe I am unqualified to be president?” However, the Vermont senator did pull back on his call for Clinton to apologize for victims of the Iraq War, which he said she should do because she voted for it. “Of course she doesn’t bear responsibility,” he said. “Do I hold her accountable? No.” Sanders acknowledged he would vote for Clinton if she wins the nomination.