Santa Shouts ‘Get the F*ck Out’ at Children After Fire Alarm

A Santa Claus shouted at children to “get the fuck out” after a fire alarm went off in a neighboring building during a Christmas event Sunday in the English town of St. Ives. Organizers of the event issued a statement saying that the Santa helped to evacuate families, apologizing to parents for the alarm and ensuing commotion. “Santa was upstairs in his grotto... and immediately assisted in the evacuation of the building... (we) wish to apologize for any offense or distress caused to parents and children,” the statement reads. According to a post by an event attendee on Facebook, the distraught Santa emerged from his grotto and tore into the room shouting while parents and children were already evacuating. A mother who was at the event told local news outlet Cambridgeshire Live that she had to tell her children that the man wasn’t the real Santa but an imposter who would be going on the “naughty list.”