Sarah Palin Hits Back at Tina Fey with ‘30 Rock’ Parody

Sarah Palin finally gets the chance to turn the tables on Tina Fey and play a Liz Lemon knockoff in a new parody of 30 Rock.

via YouTube

For years, Sarah Palin has suffered on the sidelines as Tina Fey get huge laughs for her uncanny resemblance to the former Alaska governor and vice presidential candidate, along with her subtly-perfected voice imitation that has never been more on point than it was this past weekend on Saturday Night Live.

On Monday, she finally got her revenge, thanks to an elaborate 30 Rock parody produced by the millennial-friendly conservative website Independent Journal.

The 60-second trailer for “31 Rock” looks and sounds a lot like Fey’s NBC sitcom, with Palin starring as “Lynn Melon,” a TV writer “who left a small town for the big city.” She growls when she sees a Starbucks cup without snowflakes on it and demands a Big Gulp from her writers’ room.

Not only did IJReview convince actor Kevin Brown to reprise his 30 Rock role as Dot Com and plug Palin’s new book, but the video also features higher-profile cameos from just-departed GOP presidential candidate Lindsey Graham as the new NBC page (it’s fairly obvious they tried for and couldn’t get Kenneth look-alike Bobby Jindal) and even his buddy John McCain, who, as her mentor, is the perfect choice for the Alec Baldwin/Jack Donaghy part.

The “jokes” in IJReview’s trailer don’t land quite as hard as either the social commentary on the original 30 Rock series or Fey’s most recent portrayal of Palin on SNL. But, as always, they show that Palin is willing to do whatever it takes to stay relevant in a world that is starting to remember her as little more than a comedy caricature.