Sarah Sanders Denies She Admitted to Mueller That She Lied

In a heated interview with Good Morning America host George Stephanopoulos on Friday morning, White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders danced around her own truth about what she was quoted as saying in Special Counsel Robert Mueller’ report. Sanders told Mueller that her comments about how the “rank and file of the FBI” supported President Trump’s firing of FBI Director James Comey were a “slip of the tongue.” Stephanopoulos confronted Sanders with an accusation. “That’s not a slip of the tongue, Sarah, that’s a deliberate false statement,” he charged. “Actually, if you look at what I said, I said the slip of the tongue was in using the word countless, but there were a number of FBI, both former and current, that agreed with the president’s decision and they’ve continued to speak out,” she replied, while Stephanopoulos tried to interrupt her before she got in one last jab: “James Comey was a disgraced leaker and used authorization to spy on the Trump campaign.”

Stephanopoulos then said, “Sarah, I’ve got to stop you there. Why can’t you acknowledge that what you said then was not true?” Then, stumbling and visibly red-faced, she doubled down and said, it was in the heat of the moment, meaning it wasn’t a scripted talking point. “I’m sorry that I wasn’t a robot like the Democrat Party.”