‘Saturday Night Live’ Presents ‘The Adventures of Young Ben Carson’

The new GOP frontrunner and the tall tales about his youth get the ultimate ‘SNL’ treatment.


Saturday Night Live made a concerted effort to push past the Paris attacks and present an unadulterated comedy show this week. And the undisputed highlight was “The Adventures of Young Ben Carson.”

The sketch, starring Jay Pharoah as a 1970s-era Carson, took the unlikely Republican presidential primary frontrunner to task for his bizarre claims about stabbing a childhood friend and threatening his mother with a hammer.

The setting? Detroit, 1968. The scene? Carson and his “hot rage” against some innocent bystanders who were fortunately wearing belts.

And then there was the miraculous emergence of Black Jesus, who agreed to be Carson’s only friend and get his portrait painted with the future Republican presidential candidate.

After a sketch like this, Donald Trump should be thankful he’s no longer in SNL’s sights.