Saudi Women Will Now Get Text Messages Confirming Divorces So Their Husbands Don't Leave in Secret

Women in Saudi Arabia will now get text messages on court decisions that confirm their divorces under a new regulation that starts on Sunday, according to the BBC. The regulation, which requires courts to advise these women on divorce-related rulings, may prevent Saudi women from being divorced by their husbands without their knowledge. Female lawyers in the Kingdom believe that if women are made aware of their marital status, they can protect their right to alimony, for example. While Saudi women are still subject to male guardianship statutes, one lawyer reportedly told Bloomberg that the measure “It also ensures that any powers of attorney issued before the divorce are not misused.” The initiative comes as part of controversial Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman’s push for social and economic reforms, such as permitting women to attend soccer games and work in fields traditionally dominated by men, per the BBC.