Savannah Guthrie: ‘I’m Heartbroken’ Over Matt Lauer News

In a somber Today show monologue Wednesday morning, a visibly shaken Savannah Guthrie addressed the new allegations about her now-former co-host Matt Lauer’s inappropriate sexual behavior in the workplace. “I’m heartbroken for Matt,” she said. “He is my dear, dear friend and my partner, and he is beloved by many, many people here. And I’m heartbroken for the brave colleague who came forward to tell her story and any other women who have their own stories to tell.” Guthrie added, “How do you reconcile your love for someone with the revelation that they have behaved badly? I don’t know the answer to that.” Hoda Kotb co-anchored the show on Wednesday, nodding her head in agreement while Guthrie said, “This reckoning that so many organizations have been going through is important, it’s long overdue, and it must result in workplaces where all women—all people—feel safe and respected.”