Savannah Guthrie, Katie Couric, Matt Lauer, and More ‘Today Show’ Sign-ons

Savannah Guthrie made her earlier Today debut Monday with an enthusiastic introduction from Matt Lauer. From Ann Curry’s first day as a permanent anchor to Jane Pauley’s brusque hello, watch memorable sign-ons.

Savannah Guthrie - 2012

From correspondent to morning anchor, Savannah Guthrie made quite an entrance Monday morning on Today. It looks like she already has one fan in her co-host.

Jane Pauley – 1976

As the second woman to anchor on Today, Jane Pauley says a quick hello and gets right down to business on her first day. Bonus: watch to see the stylings of the ’70s.

Katie Couric – 1991

Before Katie Couric had her own show on ABC, she conducted 15,000 interviews in her 15 years on Today. Watch her first day as anchor on the show in 1991, when she was still known as Katherine Couric.

Meredith Vieira — 2006

It was “a new day” on Sept. 13, 2006, when Meredith Vieira joined the Today show. Feeling like a kid on the first day of school, she shares her excitement as Lauer welcomes her on board.

Matt Lauer – 1997

Aspiring anchors dream of the moment when they first sign on, and on Jan. 6, 1997, Matt Lauer got to hear his intro ... twice. Katie Couric welcomes Lauer on his first day as co-anchor of Today by playing back his name so he can savor the sound.

Ann Curry – 2011

After 14 years as the morning news anchor and substitute anchor, Ann Curry became the co-host on Today. She finally gets to say that she’s not filling in for anyone other than herself.