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Scott Brown's Winning Strategy: Denounce Limbaugh

John McCormack at the Weekly Standard notes that Scott Brown is doing well in the polls against Elizabeth Warren. Brown has been widening his lead over Warren since January, and McCormack wonders if this is due to Brown's opposition to the contraception mandate:

Rather than running from his support for a conscience exemption, Brown hit back with equal force in his own ads, op-eds, and interviews. Brown said that Warren wants to "use the power of government to force Catholics to violate the teachings of their faith" and pointed out Ted Kennedy had been a champion of conscience exemptions.

Ray Flynn, a Democrat who served served as Boston's mayor for a decade before serving as Bill Clinton's ambassador to the Vatican, came to Brown's defense last week. "I find it outrageous that anyone in a position of public trust would trample on the conscience of people of religious beliefs," Flynn wrote in a letter. He commended Brown's "steadfast leadership" and added, "I intend to tell anyone who will listen how you stood tall in protecting the human and civil rights of everyone."

I don't know if this is the entire reason Brown seems to be holding his own, but as long as we are praising Brown's ability to remain electable, we should also note another strong stance that Brown took recently:

To be sure, Brown was gaining in the polls before the Limbaugh incident. But if Brown wins re-election, we should not forget how he correctly responded to the Limbaugh outrage.