SCOTUS Sides Against Apple in Major Antitrust Lawsuit

The Supreme Court struck a blow to Apple on Monday when it allowed an antitrust class-action suit against the tech giant to proceed, Reuters reports. The consumer-led lawsuit alleges that Apple is violating antitrust law by forcing app developers to sell their products through the App Store, and taking a 30 percent commission that results in overcharges for consumers who have no choice but to buy apps through the platform. Apple, backed by the Trump administration, argued that it was only acting as an agent for the app developers, who set their own prices. But Trump appointee Brett Kavanaugh turned against the administration, and sided with the liberal justices in a 5-4 ruling. “Leaving consumers at the mercy of monopolistic retailers simply because upstream suppliers could also sue the retailers would directly contradict the longstanding goal of effective private enforcement in antitrust cases,” Kavanaugh said.