Sean Hannity Gets an Invite to SOTU

Louie Gohmert has a hot date for January 28. The offensively entertaining Texas Rep.—and Fringe Factor favorite—will show up to President Obama’s State of the Union address with none other than Sean Hannity on his arm. (Not in a gay way, though, obviously.) The conservative pair have apparently formed a friendship over their mutual dislike of the Commander in Chief, with Gohmert making regular appearances on Hannity’s radio show and even filling in for the talk radio host once or twice. This chance to hobnob with America’s fearless leaders could be a big opportunity for Hannity, who might have political aspirations of his own. Hannity, a native New Yorker, has been ready to relocate all week since Gov. Cuomo said that “extreme conservatives have no place in” his state. And according to a response to a question asked on his Facebook page, he would consider running for office wherever he moves. “It would be either in Texas or Florida,” he said.