All Done

Secret Service Investigation Over

The Secret Service announced Tuesday that it has wrapped up the investigation of the five remaining agents embroiled in the sexual-misconduct scandal in Colombia. Two of the agents have resigned while another two have been cleared of serious wrongdoing but could still face administrative penalties. And the fifth had his national-security clearance revoked, which is tantamount to being fired because he can no longer work at the agency. Rep. Peter King, the New York Republican leading the House investigation, confirmed the latest actions in the prostitution scandal that has roiled the agency. King was briefed by the office of Secret Service Director Mark Sullivan. Six other agents have lost their jobs in the scandal through firing, resignation, or retirement, while another was exonerated. In an interview with comedian Jimmy Fallon on Tuesday (to be broadcast tonight), President Obama said the scandal was caused by "a couple of knuckleheads" who "shouldn't detract" from the agency's reputation. What these guys were thinking I don't know," Obama said. "That's why they're not there anymore." —Howard Kurtz