Sen. Sherrod Brown: ‘I Don't Think Democrats Were Talking to Working-Class Americans of All Races’

Days after Sen. Sherrod Brown announced he wouldn’t run for President, he said in an interview Sunday that he can advocate for workers “better now from the Senate” than from the Oval Office.” The Ohio Democrat told “Meet the Press”’s Chuck Todd that his populist message during his recent tour, touting the “dignity of work,” would likely be a pillar of the 2020 winner’s campaign. Todd played several clips showing Brown’s potential competitors using the phrase, and then asked “How do you not run? It was resonating, and you still said ‘no.’” “Well, it was resonating and I’d say mission accomplished,” Brown replied, explaining that there was more to do on advocating for workers. “I can do that better now from the Senate.” Brown also chided his fellow party members, saying “I don't think Democrats were talking to working-class Americans of all races... our goal was to inform the narrative in the Democratic party.”