Countdown to Obamacare

Senators Push HHS For Faster Implementation of . . . Something

They won't say what, though.

Democratic Senators apparently met with Kathleen Sebelius, the Secretary of Health and Human Services, to press her to speed up implementing various parts of Obamacare. However, they won't say which parts . . . just that they'd like them to happen faster, whatever they are.

Implementing something as big as Obamacare, with about a hundred zillion moving parts, is a monstrous task. The administration has had three years, of course. But they didn't know one of the most important facts--how many states would be running their own exchanges and how many would need the Feds to step in--until a month ago.

It's not surprising to me that parts may be getting bogged down. It is, however, surprising how little anyone outside government power-brokers seems to know about the process. Who is building the exchanges? How long will it take? When will they be in beta testing? (Soonish, one hopes--they're supposed to go live in October.)

Why all the secrecy? Why shouldn't we know which parts of Obamacare they'd like to see sped up--do they think that no one will notice that they aren't around in six months? The hush-hushness of it all seems to imply that whatever's missing, it's either really important, really embarassing, or both. It's not as if this is some sort of top-secret NSA program that we don't want our enemies to know about; six months from now, we're all supposed to be able to log into the exchanges and buy us some health insurance under the new law. Whatever it is, we'll find out about it then, so why not tell us now?