Serena Williams Out of French Open Due to Muscle Injury

Tennis star Serena Williams has pulled out of the French Open due to a muscule injury, and just before a match with archrival Maria Sharapova. “I unfortunately been having some issues with my pec muscle... right now I can’t actually serve so, it’s actually hard to play when I can’t physically serve. I’m beyond disappointed,” Williams said in a press conference shortly after pulling out of the match. “I’ve never felt this in my life. This is so painful. I’ve pretty much had every injury in the book.” Williams said she was “going to get better” and is hoping to play at Wimbledon, but was disappointed she couldn’t go toe-to-toe with Sharapova. “It’s very difficult because I love playing Maria. It’s a match I always get up for,” she said. “Its extremely disappointing but I made a promise to myself that if I’m not at least 50 percent, I shouldn’t play.”