Serial Killer Hits S.C.

July 4th celebrations will be muted in Gaffney, South Carolina, where a reported serial killer has many residents terrified and staying indoors. A man has gunned down four people in three different incidents in the small town over several days, creating a panic. One victim was shot in his living room, and a father and his 15-year-old daughter were shot in a store. In a town that saw only six homicides last year, the killer reminds old timers of the "Gaffney Strangler," who killed four women over 10 days in the 1960s. The police have released a sketch of the suspect -- a caucasian male in a baseball hat -- and say that he may be driving an SUV, but have not yet explained how the murders are linked. The Gaffney sherriff said that "there is real fear in the country," and, according to state Sen. Harvey Peeler, "People are locking their doors, even in broad daylight."