Service That Delivers Abortion Drugs Now Ships to U.S.

A doctor who founded an online service that delivers abortion-inducing drugs to women established a separate service that ships to the United States, The Atlantic reports. Women on Web founder Rebecca Gomperts reportedly established Aid Access six months ago after being flooded with requests to provide her services within the United States. Through Aid Access, women take an online screening to see if they are eligible to take misoprostol and mifepristone, which are 97 percent effective in inducing abortion when taken together in the first trimester. Gomperts then reportedly sends the prescriptions out at an “Indian pharmacy she trusts” and ships the medicine, all for $95. Gomperts said she did not ship to the U.S. before because she “worried that the American anti-abortion movement would try to close down the organization.” She said she established Aid Access to mitigate risk for Women on Web’s operations. “I hope I will be the first of many others so I won’t be in a situation where I can’t deal with the amount of requests,” Gomperts said.