Seth Meyers Blasts Rep. Steve King’s ‘Overtly Racist’ Tweet About ‘Somebody Else’s Babies’

The ‘Late Night’ host took a few moments to tear into a Republican not named Donald Trump on Tuesday night.

Seth Meyers’s “A Closer Look” segment is almost always about Donald Trump. Tonight, he had a “couple things” to say about Rep. Steve King.

This week, the Iowa Republican caused a firestorm by tweeting his support for Geert Wilders, known as the “Dutch Trump,” the Netherlands’ answer to American white nationalism. “We can’t restore our civilization with somebody else’s babies,” King wrote, drawing a soft rebuke from House Speaker Paul Ryan, but not from the president.

Calling the tweet “overtly racist,” Meyers directed his comments to King: “You’re a 67-year-old man. All the babies are someone else’s babies. And by the way, we can restore our civilization with somebody else’s babies: Beyoncé’s. She’s having twins and if I’m reading the prophecy correctly, they will save us all.”

“Steve King, what are you so worried about?” the Late Night host continued. “Your district is 96 percent white. You’re basically the manager of the world’s largest Williams-Sonoma. Iowa’s 4th District couldn’t be any whiter if you carpet-bombed it with Crest Whitestrips.”

For anyone “still wondering if your tweet was racist,” Meyers added, “You got a shoutout from David Duke. As a general rule of thumb, when the former grand wizard of the KKK chimes in to say he agrees with you, it’s time to re-examine your stance. If you make a pork chop and Guy Fieri says, ‘This is delicious,’ throw out the recipe!”

“Why does everyone arguing for white supremacy look terrible?” Meyers wanted to know, flashing images of King, Trump, Duke, and Steve Bannon on the screen. “Look at these guys. It looks like someone left the master race in a toaster oven. They all look like the guy at an AA meeting who complains about how they used to have better coffee.”

Finally, Meyers concluded, “We don’t need to restore our civilization. We need to restore our civility.”