Bradshaw's Back

'Sex and The City' 3? Hilarious Twitter Account Imagines A Third Installment

Carrie Bradshaw meets iOS7, current events and more in this hilarious twitter account.

HBO, via Getty

Could NYC's sexiest foursome be reuniting for a third time?

While Cynthia Nixon, who played redheaded mom Miranda gave the claim a flat out "no," Nixon's costar Kristin Davis was less turned off by the idea: "There’s no direct plans. We would love to, I would love to," she said on The Tonight Show.

And Sarah Jessica Parker, the show's self-narrating enthusiast and fashion forward lead, offered an optimistic reply, "I've been saying … there is one story left to tell."

While it's hardly a confirmation of a third Sex and the City movie, one Twitter account imagines what the third movie might look like, offering "our favorite puns from the [fictional] set." Their bio states, "Let's Carrie it over the finish line!"

From boycotting Barilla pasta to complaining about the format of iOS7, here are our favorite tweets from behind the keyboard of "Carrie", a native New Yorker who fueds with Kanye West, switched to an e-cigerrette, and clearly studies 2013's current events: