Look Who’s Back

Sharron Angle Won’t Run for Office

Remember Sharron Angle? The Nevada Tea Partier, who nearly replaced Senate Democratic leader Harry Reid in 2010, known for inspiring speeches such as one in which she told a group of Latino students, “Some of you look a little more Asian to me”? Yes, that Sharron Angle. She resurfaced last month to endorse Rick Santorum for president, and now she’s back again! Unfortunately, those waiting for Angle to give her congressional career another try will have to keep waiting. The former Nevada state legislator announced Friday that she will not be running for office in 2012. She will, however, be producing a documentary about alleged voting fraud. “Over the past 18 months I’ve been keenly aware of an epidemic that’s swept out [sic] nation eating away the very fabric of our freedoms,” she explained in an email. “Make no mistake about it, elections are being manipulated in every corner of our country. From small towns to big cities. No community is immune to this travesty of liberty.”