Train Wreck

Sheen: 'I'm Still Alive, Which Is Pretty Cool'

And for the latest Charlie Sheen news: On Piers Morgan Tonight, Sheen said he didn’t “believe” he is an addict. “I’m still alive, which is pretty cool,” Sheen said in the hour-long interview. Sheen said he was surprised when CBS decided to halt production on Two and a Half Men, saying CBS President Les Moonves had come to his house and told him “try to pull it back a little bit,” and he said, “No problem, boss.” Sheen slammed actor John Stamos, who is rumored to be in the running to replace Sheen on the sitcom, saying the people on the show “deserve everything that happens later” if they hire Stamos. Sheen continued his rant against AA, saying "you gotta sit in a room and be all lame. I’m a winner and they look like losers.”